About me

Hey there! I am Soumil Datta, a Computer Science student at the University of Mississippi. I am originally from Kolkata, India, but I have lived in Oxford, Mississippi for quite a while now. Over the couple of years, my passion for programming has been constantly increasing

I work as an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Mississippi in High Fidelity Virtual Envirnoments Lab (Hi5 Lab) and at the BatAlloc Project. At Hi5 Lab, I work with tools such as Unity and Vuforia to observe interesting psychophysical activities of VR users.

Some other technologies and languages that I have worked with in the past include Java, Python, ReactJS, Swift, Ionic Framework (Angular), Typescript, web development, and Databases (noSQL and SQL variants).

My other hobbies besides programming include photography, playing piano and guiar, and gaming. I also love listening to and discovering music. You can find some of my favorite music here. 🙂 (built with ReactJS)

My Projects

Covid 19 tracker (usa)

A responsive Covid-19 tracking website for the cases in the USA. This website is easy to use and clutter free.

Visit github

Hydrate (iOS)

An iOS app that lets you track and set goals for water consumption. It offers a simple UI that anyone can use.

View Demo github

Foodie (iOS & macOS)

Foodie helps you find the best restaurants in your current area and presents useful information about those restaurants.

View Demo github

Contact me

Don't hesitate to reach out to me! You can contact me by either filling out the form, email, or through the social links below.